Hungry Bee Exudes A Great Love For Food




Hungry Bee takes pride on suing the freshest local product as possible. They put their guests’ needs first, and they believe in bee-ing a positive business citizen. Hungry Bee offers catering, delivery, event planning and other services.


Chefs Jimmy & Kimberly Gibson have more than two (2) decades of food and catering experience. They work together to give back to their community that has given them so much. In this community, they live happily and are raising their “Baby Bee”, Harper Grace.


Chef Kimberly McCune Gibson is a beekeeper’s daughter. She was raised in Geauga County, where her parents established lasting beliefs on the nature of food and community. She attended Auburn Career Center with the help of a scholarship. She was trained in classical European at the CIA in Hyde Park, New York. After a successful weight loss series on The Food Network, she started representing First Lady Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative by working as an ambassador for the “Chef’s Move into Schools” program.


On the other hand, Chef James Gibson was born to a family with rich food heritage. He is a grandson of a famous butcher and business owner. At a young age, he discovered his passion for food at his grandfather’s shop. He attended Ohio University and began his culinary career at Fire in Shaker Heights. He moved to Moxie and then to Red The Steakhouse. It is his commitment to create healthy menus and help people attain a healthy lifestyle change.




Hungry Bee Gourmet Catery is a place for the busy “on the go” family, and to those who are looking for a restaurant to eat quality food. All the foods are reasonably priced.


Hungry Bee makes your every single dining experience unique with hearty and healthy options. The gourmet is made from scratch with excellent techniques and products. Hungry Bee supports local, independent farmers and growers whenever possible. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the family-friendly dinner pickup begins from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm. Everyone is free to call, text or email to ask for the daily specials and the customized catering quotes.


It is the goal of this restaurant to provide healthy, affordable sides and dinners to an on-the-go community. The Hungry Bee building is home to locally produce, specialty merchandise, distinguished guest speakers and cooking classes.


All the entrees in Hungry Bee are prepared with the best and freshest ingredients with a strong local influence. The entrees are cautiously packaged and refrigerated. Detailed heating instructions are included for the customers’ convenience.


Meal preparations show a rich and diverse menu of delicious dishes. The chefs are incorporating their culinary expertise, creativity, years of experience and excellent planning skills to make every dish a work of art.


Hungry Bee’s mission is to serve as the Chef advocates and promote a new concept “CSD” or “Community Supported Dining.” The restaurant wants to give back to the community by offering one (1) mouth-watering dinner option each night at an affordable price. This is like a gift meal for the less fortunate.


Hungry Bee customizes a menu to reflect the client’s individuality. The restaurant works together with its clients to realize events that suit their customer’s needs and demands. Hungry Bee can make your event fantastic and stress-free.


Contact Information

Address: 8326 E Washington Street, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, 44023
Phone Number: +1 216-702-6776 / 216.925.2515 (after hours)

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Friday: 10:30am – 6:30pm
Saturday: 10:30pm – 2:00pm

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