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Cibik’s Dairy Island bainbridge ohio

Cibik’s Dairy Island. Photo:

The Cibik’s Dairy Island


The Cibik’s Dairy Island is an outdoor ice cream stand owned and operated by Bob and Sue Cibik. They have been sweethearts for almost three decades. They live in Aurora with their two children. Their children also work at the store. Bob and Sue first met when she was only 15 and started working at the ice cream stand that Bob’s parents owned. The business has been in Bob’s family for 38 years.


When Bob and Sue took over the business from Bob’s parent, they made some changes. They painted the terra cotta building pink and purple to make the place more festive and Caribbean-like. The Cibik’s Dairy Island is one of the very few spots for teens to hang out. Younger kids love the small rides. The Cibik’s Dairy Island is a destination and treat that most families can afford.


On the early days, people drive to Cibik’s Dairy Island on the East Washington Street to taste the famous homemade frozen custard. This is made from 10% butterfat milk with eggs and other excellent ingredients. Many are also delighted with the fried ice cream. This special treat is a concoction of vanilla ice cream rolled in a crunchy topping added with cinnamon. It is then deep-fried and re-frozen.


Cibik's Dairy Island bainbridge ohio

Cibik’s Dairy Island. Photo:

Many customers love the chocolate malt milkshake. The Mississippi mud pie sundae is immaculate. The community’s all-time favourite is the Cibik’s Dairy Island’s Blue Moon ice cream. The blue-colored ice cream is super sweet. Sue says it tastes like wedding cake frosting. Kids love this ice cream because it’s in Smurf-color.


But before you enjoy the yummy desserts, the Cibik’s Dairy Island’s dinner comes first. The restaurant purchases their meat from a Geauga County butcher. They hand-cut their own potatoes for the French fries.


Over the years, the menu of Cibik’s Dairy Island has expanded to include jalapeno poppers, onion rings, nachos, mozzarella sticks, and fried mushrooms. The fried cheese on the stick is a delicious treat. Before, this was only available one weekend a year at the Geauga County Fair.


The Cibik’s Dairy Island has something for the diet conscious. They serve side salad and non-fat, non-sugar, diabetic frozen yogurt. However, this is only available in vanilla flavour. Although the strawberry and chocolate frozen yogurts are not strictly non-sugar and non-fat, these are still some of the healthier options.


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Address: 8295 E Washington St, Bainbridge, Ohio 44023
Phone Number: +1 440-543-7382

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